Welcome to Agua! understand a new codebase in under 5 minutes.

What is Agua?

Agua is a React Visual Environment. If you hate working with large codebases and poor documentation, you can use Agua to understand React projects faster. We want you to spend less time figuring out how to work with new code so you can have more time to build amazing things.

Agua is free for developers!

What can you?

If you are new to a React project:

  • You can select each element of your UI element and access its file with just one click.

  • You can familiarize yourself with your codebase structure with our auto-generated components and dependencies graph trees.

Key Features:

1. UI Quick Access

Access an element's file, component structure, and dependencies with just one click.

2. Components Tree

Visualize component hierarchies and locate their files: ‍Find where your code is.

3. Dependencies Tree

Visualize component dependencies: Review all code relationships.

4. Integrated IDE

Edit code in our web-based VS Code: Avoid context-switching.

Get Started!

Follow our Quick Start tutorial and understand the codebase of Excalidraw in just 5 minutes.

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