Excalidraw: Tutorial

In this tutorial, we'll walk through Excalidraw's codebase's components and dependency structure.

Basic Setup

Retrieve all necessary assets from Excalidraw's GitHub and start using Agua.

1. Codebase setup

Fork and clone the GitHub repository locally:


2. Agua setup

2.1 Sign Up

Open Agua's web editor:

Register with your Google Account.


Agua is currently only supported in Google Chrome.

2.2. Terminal installation

Go to the root folder of the Excalidraw repository and run:

npx --yes agua-server

Agua is currently only supported in Node.js 18.

2.3. Welcome to Agua

Platform Tour

Click and access an element's file, component structure, and dependencies.

Visualize component hierarchies and locate Sentry's files.

Visualize component dependencies.

D. Integrated IDE

Edit Sentry's code in our web-based VS Code.

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